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But the hunky trainer who goes by the name Four (James) is the one who will have a greater impact on the woman Tris will become. Quietly and generically brooding at first, James reveals more depth and shading to his conflicted character as the story's stakes increase. He and Woodley have an easy chemistry with each other, but the romance that took its time and smoldered on the page feels a bit rushed on the screen.

8DIO, Heavyocity, Impact Soundworks, NaturalStudio, Neocymatics, Orange Tree, Pettinhouse, Project SAM, Prosonus, Scarbee, Sonic Couture, Sound Iron, Sony, Strayworks, Tonehammer, and more, including a ton of of freebies and old soundfonts.

Hooks’ grandmother, Kathryn Thomason, added “This is wonderful. I have never seen such an operation this big going on. This makes me feel wonderful that we have a community that will come out and support somebody like this.”

Auld Mortality
A Storm of Angels
Sympathy for the Devil
Masters of War
Full Fathom Five
He Jests at Scars...

However, while these affiliations are in place, Australia is the only nation that actively engages in this sport at a professional level.

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Midnight Juggernauts - Into The GalaxyMidnight Juggernauts - Into The GalaxyMidnight Juggernauts - Into The GalaxyMidnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy